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Winter Wedding in Austria

Austria, with its stunning landscapes and traditions, provides the perfect backdrop for a magical winter wedding. Imagine saying your vows amidst snow-covered mountains, warming up in one of the traditional yet welcoming mountain huts, and the crisp, refreshing winter air adding a touch of romance to every moment. A winter wedding in Austria is special in every sense - especially if your guests have never been!

Whether you dream of a grand celebration in a historic castle or an intimate gathering in a quaint alpine village, Austria offers a variety of stunning venues that cater to every style and preference. The serene beauty of winter, coupled with Austria's renowned hospitality, ensures that your special day will be as unique and memorable as your love story.

As I was planning on hosting my own wedding in Austria, I'm happy to share with you, a) why I think Austria is a perfect place for a winter wedding and b) 5 venues that I have inquired myself that I can only recommend.

Five Reasons to Have A Winter Wedding in Austria

austria destination wedding

  1. Breathtaking Scenery: Austria's winter landscape is a picture-perfect setting for your wedding. The snow-capped Alps, frozen lakes, and charming villages create a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and photos, adding a fairytale-like quality to your special day.

  2. Romantic Atmosphere: Winter brings a unique sense of coziness and romance. Imagine a candlelit reception with a crackling fire, soft blankets, and warm drinks. The intimate and inviting atmosphere of a winter wedding in Austria is perfect for celebrating love.

  3. Unique Venues: From historic castles and grand hotels to rustic alpine lodges and charming inns, Austria offers a wide range of unique wedding venues. These locations often feature beautiful winter décor and provide all the amenities needed to keep you and your guests warm and comfortable.

  4. Winter Activities: Your wedding can be part of a larger winter adventure. Guests can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and sleigh rides. The combination of your wedding and winter activities makes for an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

  5. Festive Spirit: Winter in Austria is a time of celebration and festivity, especially around the holiday season. The streets are adorned with lights, Christmas markets are in full swing, and there's a general sense of joy in the air. This festive spirit can add an extra layer of magic to your wedding day.

Wedding Venues for Your Destination Wedding in Austria

winter wedding in austria

Before deciding to get married in the US, my fiancé and I were planning on getting married in Zell am See, Austria. And I'm not saying "planning" as in "we thought about it" - no. I had sent out over 40 e-mails to different hotels, venues, restaurants and bars, inquired for pricing and thought about the program for the entire weekend. So! Instead of letting all that hard work go to waste, I am going to share it with you.

Here are 3 venues that absolutely stood out for me:

Venue 1: Berghotel Schmittenhöhe, Zell am See

If you want a truly spectacular wedding, you pick a venue like the Berghotel Schmittenhöhe. Why? It is LITERALLY on top of the mountain. No car access in winter - all guests travel by gondola. That comes with some minor logistical inconvenience, but makes the experience so so special for your guests! You could organize a casual get together around the fire pit for the night before your wedding, get married in front of the small church on top of the mountain, have the entire hotel for yourself and wake up the next day to mountain views and memories that will last you a lifetime. The hotel has enough space for 60 guests - which is what I inquired for - if not more.

Venue 2: Rössl Alm, Gerlos

Another gem in the Austrian alps is the Rössl Alm - the same proprietor also owns the Almstadl, the more casual venues of the two. They both have one thing in common: They promise 100% Austrian flair. You could get married on top of the mountain and do the reception at Rössl Alm, go back down by gondola, freshen up, and then meet for dinner and the party at Almstadl. No fixed closing times here - you can party all night long! There are multiple hotels in the area and the contact person at Rössl Alm will help you with recommendations.

Venue 3: Kristallhütte, Zillertal

Friends of mine have attended a wedding at Kristallhütte in Zillertal and were absolutely raving about it! Secluded on top of the mountain with luxurious hotel rooms and suites for the wedding night - this venue will put the "special" in your special day.

If you need any help planning your wedding in Austria or want a day of coordinator that speaks the language and can help manage all your vendors - I'm your girl! I'd be more than happy to help you have a wonderful winter wedding in Austria. It's such a beautiful country with lovely hosts - I'm sure you'll never regret spending your special day there.

Embrace the magic of winter and let Austria’s enchanting charm make your wedding day truly extraordinary!

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