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Wedding in Italy: Here’s what you need to know

A wedding in Italy is a dream to many couples around the world. Luckily for you, it doesn't need to stay a dream! Many couples from all over the world choose Italy as their wedding destination. Either for an intimate elopement or for a destination wedding with all their loved ones. Italy has lots to choose from: Lake side views around Garda and Como, charming vineyards, exciting cities like Rome and stunning beaches. I have interviewed Marigiulia, a wedding planner and event stylist based in Italy, to get insights and advice from a local on how to plan a wedding in Italy.

Amongst others, Marigiulia shares with us ...

  • Her favorite venue in Italy and it's benefits for international couples

  • What to keep in mind when planning a civil wedding abroad

  • The perfect Italian wedding tradition that you can easily incorporate in your own celebration

  • Where to spend the honeymoon in Italy

Have fun reading through the interview. If you have any questions for me or Marigiulia, don't hesitate to contact us!


Marigiulia, what's currently your favorite venue in Italy?

Oh, this is a tough question! There are so many different and wonderful venues around Italy but considering this last wedding season I really loved working at Isola del Garda! That’s a unique and breath-taking venue, perfect for an elopement or a bigger wedding. The staff is great, there are no vendors restrictions and a plan B for bad weather is included. Moreover, it's perfect if you want a grand entrance for you and your guests: Arriving on a private boat on Lake Garda, you'll feel as though you are entering another world.

A lot of couples dream about getting married on a vineyard or a house on the lake. What do you think is more realizable in Italy?

We can definitely plan both! There are some stunning villas on Lake Garda or Lake Como, but also great properties with vineyard in the Valpolicella area, Tuscany or Umbria. It really depends on the experience the couple wants to live and their vision for their special day.

What should non-Italian couples be aware of when planning their wedding in Italy?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming especially if you’re celebrating it abroad and can’t be fully present during the process. So having a professional who speaks the local language, knows the destination and has a trusted vendors list is definitely making things easier and stress free. Some venues have a list of in-house vendors so the couple won’t be able to pick some external ones. This can affect not only the project but also the budget. Another important thing to consider is the wedding date. If the wedding date is flexible, couples should definitely pick a weekday since vendors will have more availability, will be more flexible and the venue will be cheaper.

Do wedding venues offer full service planning or would you recommend getting a local wedding planner?

Some venues offer a planning-coordination service but I’d say it’s different from a full service planning. Usually venues have agreements with some specific vendors so it’s not a bespoke service based on the couple’s needs and preferences. I would recommend getting a local wedding planner that can recommend vendors based on the clients, the budget, the style, the personality and the needs of the job.

Can international couples have a civil wedding in Italy?

Yes! Every municipality has specific requirements, rules and rates and they may change depending on the couples’ nationality. Non-Italian couples should know that if they wanted to have a civil ceremony here, there isn’t much flexibility as for the venues, since in Italy you can only celebrate a civil union at the town hall or venues that already have an agreement with them, but this option is more expensive and would require the couple to arrive in Italy a few days before the wedding.

The wedding is over, the couple is blissfully happy: What Italian region do you recommend for the perfect honeymoon?

Italy is such a beautiful country and there is so much to see and do. It really depends on what the couple is looking for. In the north I would definitely recommend to visit the lake Garda area and some borghi (villages) like Riva del Garda, Borghetto sul Mincio, Sirmione, the city of Verona and the Valpolicella area for a wine tasting. The Dolomites are a stunning destination for the outdoor enthusiasts and in general for those people who want to live a nature experience. As for the cities, I would say that Venice and Florence are a must but also Rome and the Tuscan countryside, if they want to have some relax and a enogastronomic experience.

What is an Italian wedding tradition that international couples can easily incorporate in their wedding day?

The confetti, for sure! These are not the small pieces of paper you throw to the bride and groom, but some delicious sugar-coated almonds that the newlyweds give to their guests to say thank you. Traditionally an odd number of confetti is packed in some organza or tulle sachet but I would suggest doing it the modern way: Pick a nice little box or other little container that matches with the stationery or wedding theme/palette. Even better: Having a “Confettata”. The confettata is a confetti tasting corner with different types of almond candy treats. In fact you can find so many different flavors, from the more traditional chocolate and almonds, dark chocolate to the more rares like Aperol spritz, mojito, salted caramel and so much more. It's a nice and entertaining way of incorporating an Italian wedding tradition!


About Marigiulia

Marigiulia is a wedding planner and event stylist from Italy specializing in elopements & intimate weddings. She's an expert for weddings at Lake Garda and Lake Como and will do everything to make your wedding or elopement in Italy unforgettable.

Find more about her on Instagram or her website:

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