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Marie Utsch Hochzeiten Köln München


Avec Marie Events München

As your Wedding Day Coordinator, my primary goal is to provide you, the bridal couple, with unwavering support, ensuring you revel in your wedding day free from any concerns. Offering comprehensive assistance, I'll be by your side to facilitate a relaxed celebration, sparing you the need to worry about organizational details.

Drawing on my extensive years of event and project experience, I'm well-equipped to navigate unforeseen challenges and unexpected situations. Whether it's a shortage of ice cubes or a DJ that is running late, rest assured that I will find a swift and effective solution.

I extend my hospitality not only to you but to each of your guests as well. I am committed to ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of your guests throughout the entire celebration.


... of Wedding Day Management was born at my best friend's wedding. As her bridesmaid, I was still hanging up decorations in the morning before doing my hair, gathering up my long dress to lay out the carpet for the ceremony, and pressing "start" on the video camera for the bride's entrance. It wasn't until the dance floor opened at 9pm that I started to relax.

I wouldn't wish this stress on any maid of honor or bridesmaid.

That's why I support you as Wedding Day Coordinator. So that your loved ones can celebrate as carefree as you. Always with the certainty that everything is under control.

If you as the bridal couple are looking for support on your wedding day, then I am here for you. I will take all the stress of the day off your shoulders and make sure that you can relax and celebrate.

Hochzeitsplaner Zeremonienmeister Köln München


... my expertise grows, which I will gladly share with you from day 1 of our cooperation. That way you not only get peace of mind for the big day, you save yourself a lot of headaches and precious time along the way.

Let's arrange a meeting and talk about your wedding. We will get to know each other without any obligations, clarify your questions and see how I can best support you in your journey.

Organisationstalent & Energiebündel (2).png

I'm fluent in 4 languages: German*, English, Spanish and French*  (*native).

I've re-watched the TV series "Friends" probably 10 times.

I used to DJ at clubs in my home town Cologne, Germany.

Why "Avec Marie - Events"? "Avec" means "with" in French - because you are planning "with Marie"! ;)

My favorite snack is popcorn (sweet & salty of course!).

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