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Your wedding coordinator in Germany, Europe and the world

Are you looking for a wedding planner for a day?

What if there was one person on your wedding day that could ...

  • execute your wedding planning perfectly?

  • make sure everything runs smoothly?

  • keep problems and unforeseeable situations away from you?

  • finds replacement in case the DJ cancels last minute?

  • places the decoration like you wanted?

  • lets the caterer to know when dinner should go out?

  • takes up less budget than a wedding planner?

That person exists: A wedding coordinator, sometimes called Day Of Coordinator!

A wedding coordinator is the perfect addition to your carefully planned wedding. You've spent so much time planning and you want everything to go exactly as imagined on the day.

I've got your back so that you, your best man and maid of honor don't have to spend the day on spontaneous problem solving and fire fighting.

That way you can all enjoy the day to the fullest instead of worrying about who will take care of the wedding cake, where to put the gifts or at what time the caterer should start with the first course.

I coordinate weddings all over Germany and the world. I speak Germany, English, Spanish and French fluently, so communicating with your venue, local vendors and guests is no problem!

Wedding Day Coordinator


  • Personal meeting with you to discuss your wedding

  • Creation of a detailed wedding time line incl. setting-up

  • Review of the schedule and details with all your vendors

  • Review of layout, event flow and guest experience

  • Complete wedding day management on-site to ensure a perfectly executed celebration

Hochzeitsplaner Zeremonienmeister

My promise to you


My mission is to execute your wedding perfectly so that you and your loved ones can 100% enjoy the day. This is a once in a lifetime kind of party!


With my eye for detail, I will make sure that decorations are placed correctly and that there are no wrinkles in the tablecloth. Aesthetics and value are important to you - to me as well!


Not only am I your point of contact, but will also answer all questions of your guests and vendors. That way, you do not have to worry about it.

Braut posiert im Freien
Your investment

Imagine your wedding day has already passed. What do you look back on? Which moments stand out? What would you like to remember?

I bet you that things like "Oh how nice that I was still handing out place cards with my hair done" or "It's fantastic that the music didn't start on time for my entrance in the church" will definitely not find a place in your vision. And to keep it that way, you can involve me as Wedding Day Coordinator.

I will be there for you and your guests on your big day. The days leading up to it, we will go over everything in detail, update the seating plan and coordinate the speeches with the maids of honor. I will contact all vendors, talk through the wedding timeline with them and make sure that everyone knows where they have to be and when. 

The peace of mind you will feel on your wedding day because an expert is pulling the strings in the background is priceless. My service starts at about 1.200€ plus 19% VAT. I will create a detailed offer after we have met and discussed the scope of my support on your day in detail.


We booked Marie as our wedding coordinator and we are so happy about it. From the beginning it was totally uncomplicated and easy to discuss all the important points for our wedding with Marie.
She already had great tips and ideas in advance and always asked the right questions. On our wedding day everything went more than smoothly.

Marie was there with so much verve, fun and joy and really mastered every "challenge":
From complicated parking situation, to the set-up and coordination with service and catering, to a "move" of the guests from outside to inside during a summer thunderstorm.

Dear Marie, also at this point again: many, many thanks for your mega commitment - We will immediately book you again for our next big party and are so infinitely grateful that you had our backs completely free on our day and we could therefore enjoy every minute.

What brides say about my service:

Let's get to know each other!
Wedding Day Coordinator NRW Bayern

When it comes to wedding planning, there is so much to sort out, so many questions to answer, so many vendors to hire. Deciding on a wedding coordinator or wedding planner on top of all that can be overwhelming.


However: With me you will gain a partner in crime, who accompanies you during the wedding planning and at the same time is completely there for you on the wedding day. You can rely on me - knowing that everything will go well!


Let's set up a meeting, clarify your questions, discuss your wedding vision and then see how I can make your life as a bride and groom a little easier!