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City wedding in Munich at the royal Schlosscafé im Palmenhaus

If the detailed discussions with a bride and groom feel like a dinner with long-time friends, then I know the wedding day can only be good!


It's October 21st, 2023. T&M will first get married in church and then with friends & Family celebrate in the Castle Café in the Palmenhaus, right next to Nymphenburg Castle .


It was the first wedding in the middle of Munich that I was able to accompany as a wedding day coordinator. It's completely unusual not to have to get up at 6 a.m. for a wedding! 😉


So that the bride and groom could get ready with their loved ones in peace, I drove to the church before the wedding to prepare everything. I have song sheets & Handkerchiefs were distributed, lanterns set up and we waited for the musicians to make final arrangements. As soon as everything was in place, I went on to the castle café in the Palmenhaus, where preparations for the wedding celebration were already in full swing. The team on site is really well organized - there are real professionals at work.


But even with the best preparation and the best professionals, something can always happen:

As I check off my decoration list, which lists all the items booked from the florist and other service providers, I notice that we are missing the flowers for the welcome sign. The clock says: We still have an hour until the guests arrive. And so there are 2 options: Either the florist delivers the flowers or we have to rip off flowers from the neon sign backdrop and remodel them for the welcome sign. After a quick call to the florist, he comes back after work and brings the missing bouquet - perfect!


{If T&M hadn't chosen a professional support for her wedding day, so the detail would probably never have been noticed. Not only would you have missed the flowers on the welcome sign, but you would most likely have paid for the missing bouquet because no one would have noticed.}


The guests arrive and I, together with the Palmenhaus team, check that the champagne pyramid is set up and ready for the bride and groom. After all, it should not only look great in the pictures, but also fill the lower glasses.

The afternoon then flies by: the guests chat in peace, take photos at the photo booth, snack on the candy bar and try to sneak into the dinner room again and again we have specially shielded it from prying eyes.


Then the time has come: The service lights the candles in the hall and I call the photography team over. Ultimately, as a bride and groom, you also want to have pictures of the “pure” hall so that you can admire your decoration concept in the pictures later. Then comes one of my favorite tasks: I pray the bride and groom into the hall, just the two of them. This way they can look at the result of their work and enjoy another quiet moment for two before I invite the rest of the guests to the table.


After the delicious dinner, I pray T&M to the front of two chairs under the pretext of the wedding cake. But before the cake is presented, I turn on the screen and it says: Film off! I love it when plans come together. The Bride & I had already worked out weeks in advance how best to show the film that she was preparing for her future husband that evening.


Then the two of them cut the cake while I distribute sparklers for the first dance in the background. After I make sure the DJ has the song ready for the first dance, we can get started. With the opening of the dance floor I have done my job and then I happily walk through the dark castle park back to my car. (Correction: I got lost and panicked that I would definitely be kidnapped😂).


Thank you T & M for their trust in me and my work, as well as Mona & Reiner for the great photos.



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