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5 ways to ask your bestie to be your maid of honor

The moment you ask your friend to be your maid of honor is very special. You have thought long and hard about who is best suited for this wonderful task and who should accompany you on your journey as a bride. Being a maid of honor is an honor, a proof of friendship and a bond for eternity! That's why the moment of popping the question "Will you be my maid of honor?" should reflect that importance.

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You can find plenty of inspiration on the web on how to best pop the question. Here are my personal Top 5!

5 ways to ask your bestie to be your maid of honor

1. Photo album

Create a photo album with the highlights of your friendship and delay the question until the end by asking "Will you be my maid of honor?" on the last page of the photo album. Your bestie will be thrilled that you made such an effort with the album and also very surprised when turning that last page!

2. Jewelry

Just as there is an engagement ring, you can give your future maid of honor a piece of jewelry that represents your relationship. Maybe it's a necklace with a pendant that has your initials or a symbol like her zodiac sign engraved. Alternatively, you can pick a pretty bracelet that she can wear at the wedding. You can then write "Will you be my maid of honor?" inside the jewelry box. She will always treasure this gift!

3. Video message

If you enjoy video making and editing, then a personalized video message could be the perfect way to ask your friend to be your maid of honor. You can include pictures and videos from your past, and then a video of you holding up a sign that says, "Will you be my maid of honor?". Or you can have your fiancé or parents interview you and answer questions on camera like "What makes XYZ the perfect maid of honor?", "What would XYZ do if you get cold feet on your wedding day?", or "What would XYZ never do as maid of honor?".

4. Care Package

How about a surprise package? In addition to the important question (perhaps in the form of a letter or card), you can do something nice for your bestie and include a scented candle, cuddly socks, a face mask, bath salts, candy, etc. If you want to make it even more personal, you can order a personalized cosmetic bag or mug with her name and her new title of "maid of honor".

5. Coffee with a surprise

Invite your bestie to your house for a cup of coffee. She expects nothing but a chat with a good friend. When finishing her coffee or tea, she'll see written at the bottom of the cup "Will you be my maid of honor?". Now that's a positive surprise! You can quickly transform a mug of your choice with ceramic marker pens into this personalized gift.

No matter what version you choose, she will definitely look forward to her maid of honor duties!

We often forget that the role of the maid of honor goes beyond the wedding planning process. Your maid of honor will stand by your side when you say "I do" and will from then on always be part of your marriage and hence, your future. How lovely is that?

Much love for you,


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